Greys – Drift

Greys - Drift“Drift”, the latest EP from Toronto’s Greys, is a giant weight, an anvil dropping through the sky. Like their previous six-song EP “Easy Listening”, this is ten minutes of relentless, ferocious, heavy, noisy and sludgy noise rock. But compared to their previous offering, this is even heavier, noisier, fiercer; it features three fewer songs but three times the fury. It’s like being in a room where the ceiling is threatening to crush you. Yet despite the constant relentlessness, there’s still room for short punctuative moments where you think you can catch your breath: the short guitar squeals in the verse of “Carjack,” the subtle pause at the end of the chorus in “Drag,” or the extended breakdown in “Pill”. But, as singer Shehzaad Jiwani wails at the end of “Carjack”: “no exit / no exit / no exit / no exit.” No exit, indeed.

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