Dear Sister – S/T

The spontaneity of a family singalong: a living room, a piano, a guitar, a banjo. Comfortable voices fit together in fluent and familiar harmonies. These songs have an aura of tradition: I feel as though I already know the words.

Despite the familial project name, it is the magnetism of talent that assembled the record’s three person roster. Producer and musician Aaron Comeau is an anchoring force, the common denominator in Toronto’s emerging country/folk scene. The voices of Raven Shields and Montreal’s Bri Salmena weave so well together, almost indistinguishable. Will these three come together again? Is there an open line of collaboration between their municipalities: letters begun “Dear Sister,”? Or will we look back on this as one of the great fleeting moments of folk collaboration: Daniel, Fred and Julie gathered and gone.


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