Her Harbour – Winter’s Ghosts

If you aren’t interested in the snow melting around you, the inescapable sun, trees sprouting green leaves, or long legs coming out after months hidden away – if that summer feeling hasn’t had any effect on you, then Her Harbour’s newest album, Winter’s Ghosts, is perfect for you. Her Harbour, the musical musings of Gaberielle Gaguere, combines talent and emotion in the most exquisite way possible, creating music that will haunt any listener with memories of past winters and their cold and lonely nights.

Winter’s Ghosts draws its uniqueness from the skill and diversity in Gaguere’s voice.  “Deloria” relies on Gaguere’s ability to produce a jazzy complexity. She contrasts this with the simplicity of “Petunia,” where Gaguere proves capable of melodious harmonies. While the masterful “Carolina” relies on few words, Gaguere still manages to seduce listeners through the sounds her voice can produce.  In an album where the themes are frozen into the harshest winters, Gaguere is bird flying south, ready to let loose her summer song. Winter’s Ghosts seems like a enormous emotional risk for Gaguere, and you’ll be drawn in by Her Harbour’s ability to find beauty in the coldest of memories.

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