Carousels – Greatest Hits

Weaned into the world on a diet of busking in Victoria, Carousels has grown into an 8 piece balkan orchestra –  a carnival of strings, wind, and keys. Their most recent album, “Greatest Hits,” has the unrehearsed feeling of a group of musicians who either completely understand each other’s musical styles, or are creatively confident enough to handle each other’s musical diversity. “Greatest Hits” will bring you memories of summer nights waiting at bus stations, of cultural celebrations, of music played without the pressure of creating a final product.

Carousels are playful, alive, and youthful. Their near polka numbers will drag undancable feet through emotional spins and dips. The album feels like an unplanned harvest feast of meat, sausage, and potatoes, scraped together after a rainless summer. Yet Carousels’s “Greatest Hits” will leave you hoping your greedy uncle didn’t already go for seconds.

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