Doug Hoyer – To Be A River

“I’m no longer young, with eyes open wide,” Doug Hoyer sings on “The One For Me,” off his newest LP “To Be A River”. Doug has been called a lot of things throughout his career: storyteller, troubadour, pop purveyor. But older? Wiser? Reflective? Contemplative? … Doug?

That’s “To Be A River”. That’s Doug Hoyer after traversing the country year in and year out, after taking his tunes to the Halifax Pop Explosion, Sled Island, CMJ, and North by Northeast. That’s Doug Hoyer coming home and asking “what’s next?”

That’s Doug Hoyer, taking the wonder and awe of his previous albums and focusing it on day-to-day life. Falling in (and out of) love. Having a dead-end job. Making small talk. Yearning for one’s childhood.

And yet, Doug’s playfulness, musical invention, and ability to write hooks remains intact. The punctuated horns on “One Foot”. The triumphant strings on “Forever Now”. The galactic backbeat on “Bulgogi Pizza”. The jaunty whistle on “To Fall in Love”. That’s the beauty of “To Be A River” — this is Doug tackling the uncertainty of what’s around the bend as only Doug can.

When asked what “To Be A River” means to Doug, he simply answered “It’s our lives.” It’s the ups, the downs, the twists, the turns, the highs, the lows. It’s taking the mundane, and turning it into magic. That’s Doug Hoyer, and that’s what Doug Hoyer does best.

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