Shahman – Sounds That Look Like Us

Shahman - Sounds That Look Like UsThe title’s irony is obvious – clearly such innocuous-looking brothers such as the Johnsons merit an innocuous sounding record, right? Wrong. Shahman’s “Sounds That Look Like Us” is  crushing, devastating, and best of all, unpredictable. It’s the soundtrack to a dark, empty room: you’ll never know what lurks within until it’s too late. Take, for example, “Like An Old Friend”, which features whispered, ethereal vocals, tempered with subtle, sparse drumwork — that is, until the track explodes into fiery screams, howling guitars, and relentless noise. All in two minutes. The last words of the album — and a perfect conclusion — are “background white noise fodder for your dreams”. Close your eyes, delve in, and explore.

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