Gianna Lauren – On Personhood

Gianna Lauren’s album On Personhood is an emotional exploration of the complexities of everyday living. Her delicate voice and bold guitar choices contrast perfectly to show the realities of modern life. Her voice is soft, light, and haunting. Her guitar playing varies from gentle to an adventurous bluesy sound. “Bitches Brew,” one of the album’s most notable songs, is carried by Lauren’s obvious creativity and talent. The song slowly builds itself, like any brew, reaching a conclusion that is no doubt as rewarding as its process. The album’s perfection is no doubt supported by her all-star engineer (Andy Magoffin, who worked with Feist, The Constantines, Two-Minute Miracles) and producer (Justin Nace, who worked with Great Lake Swimmers, Tusks). Lauren herself plays with a variety of folk, roots, and even bluesy sounds, all done with a touch of modernity. She leaves listeners with a reminder that everyday life is best explored with clear inspiration from a variety of musical styles delicately sewn together. 

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