July Talk – July Talk

Although it was originally released in October 2012, July Talk’s first album – July Talk – is experiencing a clear and well earned surge of popularity. The album is a fantastic combination of a folk inspired country and vintage rock and roll. July Talk’s recent attention has, however, been clearly earned by their ability to perform live. Emphasis “perform” – a July Talk show is a real party. Clearly celebrating the attention given by their audiences, the band lets loose, performing with vigour and spontaneity.  This adventurous playfulness is paired with a clear awareness of their audience, whom they carefully carry into their wild world. Such performances seem to have become rare in much of today’s music scene. July Talk is an anomaly in music today, yet their unavoidable success may inspire a clear following. Listeners and musicians alike should pay careful attention to their abilities to put on a show. 

Lead by Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay, July Talk will make you hot, sweat, and move. Dreimanis’s talent was no doubt developed in his time spent performing with the ambitious  Eamon McGrath. Fay and Dreimanis serve as unique foils to each other, both in personality and musically. July Talk’s success is, however, a clear testament to the importance of enjoying performing and its connected admiration. The show might be wild, but the audience is left with a clear feeling of appreciation. 

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