Thee AHs – Future Without Her

Thee AHs are one of the most promising pop bands in Canada. Future Without Her has a slow start but quickly picks up, just press through that ponderous opener. You’ll see! Thee AHs are aimed for the top! These guys can take you through the hard times with composure and grace. As the title suggests, this new record navigates break up territory, a harsh terrain at best. Somehow Thee AHs keep a smile in the chord progression, which is gloomily juxtaposed by a resolute, oh-well, aw-shucks spirit in the gorgeous vocals. The production on this one is also a head above of the more straight forward debut (which people should also listen to), ie the acid jazz destruction at the end of “National Pastime.” Making a mixtape for a crush? “Bronwyn” is a must. strongly suggests you get in on this band before they’re reluctantly famous. You can tell your kids you listened to Thee AHs on bandcamp and saw them at house shows and venues the size of a large bedroom. Say AAAAAH and chew on this black bubblegum!

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