Shotgun Jimmie – Everything, Everything

Canada’s sweetest sweetheart, Canada’s #1 most magnetic pop rock tour junkie, Canada’s answer to brighten-the-corner era Pavement: SHOTGUN JIMMIE! is back with a much anticipated follow up to the 2011 on-repeat classic, Transistor Sister. This record is Everything, Everything (*rolls eyes) we could have hoped for. This is a front to back catch factory with the same overpowering heartbeat of homey sentiment that Transistor Sister had in spades. “Adventure in the Heart” is the immediate hit, tilling our spirits and scratching our heads with generosity and approachability. “North!” is an implacable earworm. I could spin yarns for every song on this record, it’s too much. I’ll leave it at this: Thanks for making another record, Jimmie. You’re the best.

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