Heartwood Slacks – S/T

A full length recording from Heartwood Slacks has been a long time coming. I saw these capers play on their home turf, Sydney NS, in an old curling club. All seven or eight of them played completely unplugged. The boundless pensive joy they imparted was unforgettable. This recording is faithful to that intimacy in both its loose production and its unassuming fidelity. It draws one in with a gravity all its own. I strongly recommend all the folkies out there to get their foot in the door early with these fellas, cause they are the types to grow wildly popular late in life, with people digging around in their old recordings, rushing to print re-releases and the like. And if you ever get a chance to take them in live, do not delay. Moreover, if you’re aching for more, Heartwood Slacks are led by John Gill, whose numerous bedroom recordings are available here.

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