The Subatomics – Big Smoke

The Subatomics are the high school incarnation of Renny Wilson, Travis Bretzer, and Peter Sagar, their young balls to the walls. This band is like the prequel, the ‘phantom menace’ if you will, of what became three celebrated Edmontonian exports. Listening to this (at last released) four songer through the lens of their prolific pop centered output is kind of a trip. It’s difficult to discern the seeds of what they each became in this Big Smoke of rock and roll uppers, but, with effort, something of an outline emerges. There is the confidence, the performative abandon, the funluv’n, and of course the catch. Decide for yourselves. And go see them live on August 6th at Wunderbar. If you don’t make it, chances are you’ll be left out of many conversations for many years to come…

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