Luke Thomson and The Howl – Songs from the Milkman

One Part blues, one apart country, and one part rock and roll make up the cocktail that best defines the latest album from Luke Thomson and the Howl. “Songs from the Milkman,” a powerfully gritty offering, highlights Thomson’s talents. The first of these talents is Thomson’s ability to create something that sounds like real prairie rock; you’ll be quickly reminded small towns with only one gas station and one bar. The second of these talents is Luke’s ability to capture the best of the multiple styles of music he toys with. His guitar twangs like a busker’s, rhythms around folk numbers, and slaps along with a leather soled boot.  Support by The Howl, “Songs from the Milkman” confidently boasts a gospel influence, giving the album a spiritual feel, and memories of sun bleached fields, late night fires, and an endless adventure.

The best part of “Songs from the Milkman” is the entire composition of the album. Thomson makes stark contrasts between each song, and in each song. He plays songs that best suit one to many drinks, followed by songs that best suit a broken heart. In some songs, he counters himself with a variety of harmonies and a suppressing variety of musical arrangements.  Thomson embraces a joyfully sound that will warm you like a bonfire with all your best friends.

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