Artisan Loyalist – You’re Glory

Rob Batke of aura rockers The Faunts is out on an astral limb with his ambiant solo project, Artisan Loyalist. We have before us a glowing titan of atmospheric euphorics. This is not the dark sandpaper ambiance jam you’ve gotten all too used to from the experimental set; this is a glimmering light, the kind that blushes through your eyelids when you close them and stare at the sun. This four track ascension is framed in the terms of a St. Bonaventure-esque journey into the mind of God: Awakening, Redeeming, Prevailing, Revealing, each valorized by that notorious definite article: The. Fans of Helios or the earlier more inward journeys of M83 will find comfort in Batke’s compositions. I would go as far as to say that You’re Glory is the lost soundtrack to a Terence Malick prayer journal. It is all rather intoxicating. Please bask responsibly…

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