Yes Nice – Warm Gun

Yes Nice is so very back. Have they outdone 2009’s hit machine, Blindfolded? I am tempted to say yes. Warm Gun is an insurmountable castle of ear-to-ear pop. This is a sweet-tooth record, a party disc, a ball pit for adult kids. That doesn’t mean they can’t take you on a trip—album closer “The World Is Alive” is as anthemic as it is centrifugal. It is hard to single out jams to brag about from this record. Yes Nice is one of maybe a dozen truly big-stage acts out of Western Canada. Their pop would fit as easily in an arena as it does in Wunderbar, zero adjustment required. With each song on the album as infectious as the song it follows, it is a wonder they are not playing the SNL stage next week, or on tour opening for a Phoenix or a Vampire Weekend type outfit. I know those guys read ArgueJob regularly so—here’s hoping!  

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