Eamon McGrath – Pink Film

Pink Film. The first record that Eamon McGrath toured, crammed into a van folding album covers on the steering wheel, hauling ass across the shield for five shows. His subsequent and ongoing travels are writing Canadian legend: always moving, always making.

Five years later, and I’m still taking this record with me. The lonely steel of “Caves;” the shuffling baseline and hoarse chorus of “Holy Roller;” the hounding, foraging, early-evening need of “The Civil War.” I’ve shouted along with “October’s Daughters” for more wine and whiskey. My spine still shakes when I listen to “The Republic.”

Eamon’s words have always been older than his years. His voice is a barrel of whiskey aged in oak, steeped in cigarettes and long drives. These songs were a moment of reflection before his next bombastic foray, the calm before the storm. The writing has an historical weight, at once situating his stories in modernity and freeing them from history.

You will recognize a few songs that made it onto “13 songs of Whiskey and Light” (although Darby Crash and Burn Guitars has been removed from this iteration of “Pink Film”). Visit Eamon’s Bandcamp page for a few other rereleased collections: “Throw Me To The Wolves,” “Screaming Hell,” and the excellent “Zebra.”

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