Big Ben – White Trash Introvert

Big Ben is quickly becoming a local attraction, up there with the Muttart and the Valley Zoo. He is not only a talented playwright, actor, and improviser, but he’s a spellbinding rap artist, obsessed with charismatic wordplay and old-school rap tropes. Can there be any question that the title track, “White Trash Introvert,” is the pinnacle of this coalescence of talents and tastes? With that kind of mouth work, this guy is basically making out with himself as he unrolls some of those doubles. Ben’s rap condition begs psychoanalysis: is there any doubt that this young man is sublimating an oral fixation? No. And thus civilization advances, equipped with this white trash pizza of rap-about-raps and piano solos—with jazz stuffed crust! The jazz: N3K provides! That’s a whole other conversation. N3K are another rising boat on this tide of reinvigorated jazz lust. In fact, Ben plays music on this thing too. Moreover, White Trash Introvert is expertly recorded/produced by none other than Mitchmatic. No garage band beats on this one, folks! It is finally here. Do you know what this is? it is the beginning of a bright career in the recorded arts. And right there for you to consume! Listen.

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