Duplekita – Jungle Nights (For A New Generation)

Duplekita is a collective effort of 14 some off-and-on members headed by Tim Batke (co-founder of Edmonton stars, The Faunts). This two track offering opens the door to a legacy of glory. I’m struck by Batke’s vocal similarity to a band I haven’t heard in years, a little known Swedish outfit called Mew. But that’s beside the point. The sparkling production is enchanting. Invitingly gentle and sincere, these two vortices draw the listener in. I’m listening to these jams for the fifth or sixth time so far tonight. Their layers of aural complexity provide the protein for a constant exegesis of these two tracks’ depths. Nevertheless, this complexity is palliated by the spoon-full-of-sugar pop melodics that so satisfy the most simple pleasures. It’s truly gravitational. …aaand, starting it over yet again. Come, swim toward this vortex with me, innocent listeners.

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