Layne L’Heureux – United Hotcake Preferred

Layne L’Heureux, perhaps the most prolific songwriter I know, returns with one of his finest albums to date: United Hotcake Preferred. The album opens with a five minute missive, “Funeral of a Former Self,” that alludes to the musical renaissance L’Heureux is personally embarking on. One can’t help but revel in the new wave tones he’s tapping into, channelling the brilliance of Ian Curtis. That’s followed by the luminous “Solaris,” featuring the ghostly accompaniment of Jessica Jalbert. This one smacks of Slowdive to me—muted screams of tortured amplifiers are juxtaposed with the opiated numbness of their combined vocal chanting “DNA” with a cold objectivity that mirrors the concept itself. Most out of place for L’Heureux, these two jams are followed by an electronic piece called “Drive” that’s reminiscent of early Morr Music material, at least in their artists’ more uplifting productions. The album goes on and on like this, taking the listener all over the place, leading them through L’Heureux’s own adaptions of various songwriting styles that have spanned the last thirty to forty years. His old strengths are in full swell, all while new tricks are perfected. It’s a true pleasure! And there’s a new video for the record too:

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