Sirch. – North of Fifty-four

In the endlessly dense genre of “electronic” music, the creativity of Sirch.’s North of Fifty-four serves as a reminder of how interesting the genre can prove to be. As ambitious with his samples as early Books releases, and as poetic as Boards of Canada, Sirch. is a bold intersection of folk-stories and sound. North of Fifty-four relies on the evidence left by past memories. Chris Szott, the artist behind Sirch., makes use of an electric mix of found-sounds — varying from the audio from home movies, antiquated informational videos, and more. To support these samples, Sirch. creates simple yet expansive soundscapes that relies on rhythm and melody instead of volume and surprise.  The album feels almost surreal, and pulls its listeners into a plethora of emotions. What Sirch. does best is create a world of sound inspired directly by the slightest memories of ones past. Regardless of whether its memories of summer spent lake side, long car drives, or strange Canadian towns, North of Fifty-four shows us how nostalgic music can make us be.

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