Local Haunts – Local Haunts

The Canadian prairies are as difficult to describe as they are to capture in music. To capture the feeling  of the people of the prairies is an even more complex feat. The magnificence of Local Haunt’s debut, the self-titled EP Local Haunts, is his ability to do just that. David Janzen, the artist behind Local Haunts, combines his song writing talents with a distinct mix of folk, country, and alternative country melodies. Musically, Local Haunts is ever rhythmic and inoffensive. The clear combination of genres makes it feel that the “haunts” Janzen writes about could be anywhere from the Rocky Mountains to the lakes of Manitoba. His lyrics are ever intriguing and ever complex. Inspired by feels of leaving and longing, of desire and disorder, Local Haunts draws up strong memories of life in the land of endless fields and expansive skies. Whether you were raised a prairie child, or have only seen the endlessness of Central Canada on a map, Local Haunts will give you clear insight into the emotions of the area.

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