Heart Failure Research Unit – Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes

 Heart Failure Research Unit, as a name, may sound cryptically connected to hospitals and healthcare. But as Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes will clarify, HFRU is brave exploration of folk and rock — tied together with bold lyrics of a troubadour. Headed by Calgary’s Dustin Anderson, HFRU pumps its way through up beat ballads and slow psych numbers.  Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes offers wild recordings, supported by weary folk wanderings. The contrast between the album’s songs is mesmerizing.  While offering clear insight into the end of love, HFRU tosses its emphasize from rhythm to ramblings, all while trying to reason with real emotion. As you are warmed and frozen by Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes, you will see that you are in delicate care — the intricacies of folk music are masterfully handled by Heart Failure Research Unit.

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