Jimmy Hunt – Maladie d’amour

There can be beauty to be found in the unknown. Personally, I don’t speak french, so I’m sure there is a lot on  Jimmy Hunt’s album, “Maladie d’amour”, that I’m just completely missing. But it doesn’t matter in the least, since the mystery of the songs empower the gorgeous palate that Mr. Hunt offers.

The ambient hum residing as the intro of album opener “Antilope” isn’t necessarily indicative of the whole album, but when the thick, punchy 70’s sounding drums kick in with the bass (or is it a detuned guitar?), a distinct tone is captured. The drums play a crucial part in the groove of album standout “Nos Corps”, a sexy jam which I believe is rightfully about bodies.

Jimmy Hunt’s latest work leans heavily towards mid-late 70’s David Bowie and france’s Air, but in a way that totally thrills.  Although it has a retro sound, it doesn’t feel like a throwback; instead, it’s a creative, seductive record that transcends the language barrier.

Personal Favourites: Nos Corps, Antiope, Marie les bleus

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