Diamond Mind – Fake Tape

At last.

Liam Trimble is among Edmonton’s most praiseworthy songwriters, a man whose praises are sung loudly in this town but desperately in need of and most ready for export. His first cassette since Ultra Rare EP in the spring of 2011, we find Trimble reformulated as Diamond Mind with close collaborators Ian Waddell, Aidan Lucas-Buckland, and Matthew Cardinal (and I do believe Doug Hoyer recorded bass on some of these tracks). This cassette is meant to foreshadow a full length in the very near future. It features four bedroom tracks that defy reason. The kaleidoscopic layers of shimmering sound approximate a recording texture more akin to some offbeat 70s film soundtrack. Trimble’s uniquely honed guitar centered writing is obscured by a constantly surprising fabric of violin, cello, and skuttling percussives.The result is instantiated much differently than the live shows, but the essence remains the same. Comparisons are always inadequate with Trimble, but, dare I say, that when you see Diamond Mind live they are something like a more rambunctious and dramatic Kinks. The record, however, can claim kinship with the most erudite and baroque of pop masters like Andrew Bird twinned with the folk genius of a Nick Drake.

We see this best in “Closed Circuit,” a track that twists and turns like a rube goldberg machine. It tinkers and inflates with the controlled gusts of Trimble’s vocals. It lifts and dives like our boreal magpies, lighting on your window sill with all the prophetic import of Poe’s Raven. “Swimsuit Scene” captures a high-strung romance coupled with a modern apathy befitting the jetset imaginary of a Fitzgerald novel. It is a retooled version of the summer break up song par excellence. I will not try and do justice to “Dragon Egg,” but let the video Liam produced speak for itself (below).

This cassette is a down payment on a game changing LP we will hopefully see in no time. Don’t take your eyes off this outfit. And be sure to see them live at your earliest convenience.

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