Marlaena Moore – Beginner

Marlaena Moore is a north star. Her voice cuts like the wind. Her songs are brutal. Each song has the heft of a large stone, teetering on the precipice of a Sisyphean pinnacle. These are heartbreak songs—the kind you expect from a Beginner in love. But they are by no means a beginner’s effort in their straight faced execution. This debut exceeds Moore’s years. Many of these joints remind one of certain nineties K Recs releases. “Sleepless in a Summer’s Sky” is the summer love-lost jam par excellence. It could easily find a home on a John Cusack film soundtrack. It is strange to know that Moore’s backing band is none other than Desiderata, Edmonton’s absolute in mathy virtuosity. Hearing what those three are capable of makes the control of the instrumentation on Beginner stand out in sharp relief. They compliment the swells and flushes of Moore’s massive voice with a honed sensibility only time and dedication can accrue. The record is a solid stone from first to last, completely coherent and begging repeat as “What You Need” closes out the record as if it was only starting the record all over again. It’s a gift.

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