The Hours – Steady Glazed Eyes

‘Steady Glazed Eyes’, the first of a two song offering from Winnipeg’s The Hours, boasts a kind of primeval melody. The kind that has always just been – has quivered with protozoa, stomped with the sauropods, been gargled in unsteady medieval throats of those who first tried to crystallize emotions this immense, this wide, in soundwaves only. The lyrics of this cosmic number are nearly lost in halls of reverb. The boulder-sure rhythm guitar and drumming also disappear into fissures of skittering delay.

It’s not until the second track, ‘Horse Field Mansion Parties’, that singer Samantha Sarty’s woozy intonations focus and incant quite clearly the words “I’ve been doing this since before you were even born” and – reflecting on the monolithic seamlessness of this release – it’s very easy to believe her.

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