Lexander James – Eye Melt Ep


Lexander James is the newest name of Castledrum Records electronica producer Rob Ross. You can hear the prettiness of Flora and the knuckle-cracking chaos of itsagamble! in there, but there’s really whole a new emotion I haven’t heard in his music until now. A cooling resolution. A hymn for doing the hard thing. That song that plays in someone’s car as they calmly drive themselves and a hundred thou’ in drug money off the bridge and into the river.

Music for people who want to feel totally BA while running errands.

Kumon Plaza – Riverspot

A white bearded man in a river boat with his two dogs. A Painting.A purposeful, contemplative sunrise track. The theme song for a spellcasting super nintendo princess/love-interest.

Kumon Plaza (Edmonton) wields his keyboard and 707 combo as skillfully as ever with this pretty little piece, setting fire to our imaginations as usual.

Daydream away.

Headaches – Spaced Jam

A city. A blue sky, contrasted by a white landscape of buildings.Landon Speers makes gorgeous, patient, higher-purpose electronic music that matches well with his other art-form, photography. His new EP, Spaced Jam, blooms and resonates and dissolves for you as anticipated, but his well-known sound has evolved now into into a beating, pulsing, rhythmic thing.

Yes, there are drums, and yes, they are good.

On his bandcamp page, Landon tells the story:

I was bed ridden for 11 days at the end of July/start of August 2011 with what seemed like a myriad of sudden health problems.

Between percocets and nausea, awful sleeps, Predator 2 and all the Harry Potter movies I worked on a few tracks while in bed. These songs comprise Spaced Jam.

The Parish of Little Clifton – In the Garden

Vancouver’s The Parish of Little Clifton makes some real pretty instrumental electronica. Comparable to something from Flora or Boards of Canada (detuned synths rule!), but a little less glitch-clicky, and a little more ambient. Reverb-filled and then sidechained to your good-times, “In the Garden” definitely has some chill in its wave that will take good care of your summer drives.

D-Sisive – If…

Mitchmatic showed me this yesterday.

If you still get giddy over neck-snapping, underground, honest-to-God good rap music, then D-Sisive is here to save you from whatever else you listen to.

In “If…” D-Sisive cynically posits that the creative-ass stuff he’s done would have made headlines had it been done by an American rapper like Kanye or Jay-Z. He delivers this argument with craft, cleverness, and patience.

“If Jay-Z sampled a Daniel Johnston tune// You’d download Daniel’s catalogue of music// Don’t try to deny it, it’s probably true// Cuz whateva Jigga say, you gonna follow, dude.//”

There’s no doubt D-Sisive is a pretty bitter guy*, but it’s his maturity, sense of humour, and intelligence that combines with that bitterness to make him a great rapper.

*Toronto’s Mayor, Rob Ford, responds to D-Sisive’s diss track.