Jimmy Hunt – Maladie d’amour

There can be beauty to be found in the unknown. Personally, I don’t speak french, so I’m sure there is a lot on  Jimmy Hunt’s album, “Maladie d’amour”, that I’m just completely missing. But it doesn’t matter in the least, since the mystery of the songs empower the gorgeous palate that Mr. Hunt offers.

The ambient hum residing as the intro of album opener “Antilope” isn’t necessarily indicative of the whole album, but when the thick, punchy 70’s sounding drums kick in with the bass (or is it a detuned guitar?), a distinct tone is captured. The drums play a crucial part in the groove of album standout “Nos Corps”, a sexy jam which I believe is rightfully about bodies.

Jimmy Hunt’s latest work leans heavily towards mid-late 70’s David Bowie and france’s Air, but in a way that totally thrills.  Although it has a retro sound, it doesn’t feel like a throwback; instead, it’s a creative, seductive record that transcends the language barrier.

Personal Favourites: Nos Corps, Antiope, Marie les bleus

BETRAYERS – “Let The Good Times Die”

BETRAYERS are akin to the plausible (theoretically) softer, gentler side of Iggy Pop. The gig is over, he’s had a warm shower washing away the blood, sweat and spit of the evening. But he’s still Iggy. He’s still rock n’ roll, but he has other plans for the night.

Surf vibes, Stooges, sarcasm and smoothly fuzzed out bass lines make this the perfect summer record that we have to keep in the garage for the winter.

Personal Favourites: Cherry Beach & White Pony.

d’Eon – Music for Keyboards Vol.1

Yoga Shoulder is going to keep this short. Basically, you should really check out this FREE album (via Hippos in Tanks) if you enjoy:

i) meditative music

ii) reflection

iii) anything from Windham Hill Records in the 80’s

iv) downward dog

v) Boards of Canada’s more ambient side

vi) music you can listen to while writing papers and doing work in general


Edmontonia – Volume 3

You want Edmonton? Bang, you got it. The new Edmontonia compilation (III) is fully fleshed out. From dense electronica (Kuhrye-oo, Ghibli) to punk in spirit (Old Wives, Fire Next Time, Book of Caverns, Audio/Rocketry) to pure pop (Sugarglider, The Group Sounds, Bird Sang Song) to adventurous hip hop (Kazmega), this comp has it ALL. Dig in.



The Group Sound – Secret Girlfriend

The Group Sound are kickin’ it with their new release, “Secret Girlfriend”.  Everybody loves surfy, sorta garagey, boy-girl retro songs, right?  I know my girlfriend loved dancing in the kitchen to these Group Sound jams. Oh yeah, me too.  Personally, I think that the band hits their stride half way through the record, from ballad Soul Cries Out to spacey instrumental A.M. Radio, to the beautifully epic mellotron heavy closer Laurie.  My main only complaint is that Jessica’s vocals are quite sparse, or low in the mix, while in the past when I’ve seen them live that boy-girl balance is utterly endearing.  Apparently, they’ll be in Edmonton around August 2nd, so cheers to that!