Cantoo – S/T

Cantoo is the brainchild of glow-pops Aaron & Giselle Parker, accompanied by a selection of edmo all stars. This record is back to back with classy jams that span from the British invasion of “Ivory Eyes” to the strutting snap of “He’s Our Man” to the new-wave flange of “Alabaster.” This is an ideas record, characterized by bio-activating bass lines and ethereal harmonics. Aaron and Giselle’s vocal interplay juxtaposes the soaring astral melodies with a boy/girl-next-door aesthetic. Cop this on wax for superior fidelity, play alongside muted Wes Anderson flick.

OLD UGLY Recording Co. – Another OLD UGLY Christmas

OLD UGLY has rallied its forces along with the forces of a dozen of their extended family to create a record ripe with mistletoe opportunities and rummy eggnog swoons! With looks from the folk adaptation, the slow dance, the neo groove, the 93 til infinitized rhymez, the clamorous, and even rockabilly, this record shuffles through twelve days of christmas and throws in boxing day for good measure. The record is a free download and should make for excellent christmas party music or background sound for crafting, etc etc etc. Apply liberally.

Baby Driver – Ivory Eyes

Edmonton’s Aaron Parker, familiar as songwriter in Toy Singers and member of Whitsundays, has been marinating on this new solo project for a dog’s age in light years. The curiously titled Baby Driver finally has a single up on bandcamp and it does not disappoint. Ivory Eyes comes fully equipped with sunshine melodies and barbershop harmonies! Enjoy these delightful brit-pop sensations with your Sunday brunch!