Boreal Sons – Bedtime Briar

The overwhelming response to Boreal Sons debut ep, Whom Thunder Hath Made Greater, has build up significant anticipation for Bedtime Briar. This new record shines with the same lush swells and fully embellished production, perhaps even more so than the last. The lyrics, though on the surface are weaving a narrative of the dream life of a dog, still remain suggestive of a romantic spirituality imbued with naturalism. The two EP’s could be easily combined to make an LP and no one would be the wiser. There is a great deal of continuity and cohesion in their song writing as a group. If you are enjoying what you’re hearing as much as we here at Argue Job are, don’t miss Boreal Sons when they come through with Jordan Klassen and Andy Shauf on April 23rd at Wunderbar or for their headlining show at The Elevation Room on June 30th with James of Dark Wood.

Arguing With Everyone Vol. 1

Arguing With Everyone Vol. 1

Arguing With Everyone Volume One
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1. K.C. Accidental – Something For Chicago
2. Likewise Vultures – Age
3. Antony & The Johnsons – The Great White Ocean
4. Gigas – Too Late Now
5. Destroyer – Song For America
6. Cityscape – Young Albertan
7. Frank Ocean – Novacane
8. Action Bronson – Back 2 the Future
9. Fergus & Geronimo – Wanna Know What I Would Do?
10. The Two Koreas – Scared Straight
11. Two Bicycles – Run
12. Boreal Sons – Through Ivory Teeth
13. Liam Trimble – 18th Floor
14. Daniel Martin Moore – In the Cool of the Day (Album)
15. DoT – Whatever You Got

I apologize now for anything Frank Ocean or Action Bronson might say.
…..Good Music…..

<3 Joe

Boreal Sons – Whom Thunder Hath Made Greater

Boreal Sons just made it cool to sing in a perfectly centered middle range with flawless ability and to get baroque on that thang!, holding notes till they quiver, constant flawless vocal control, deliberate musical arrangements, perfectly produced but not over produced recordings, and simple gripping lyrics. Where did these guys come from? Calgary? Why isn’t this on Domino records or something? Gorgeous. I’m hollering at these guys right now. Stay tuned for an Edmonton show, hopefully.