Moon – The Light

Knowing this artwork is by Phil Elvrum, it becomes easy enough to hear Phil’s musical influence on this fine woman’s music. Can a folk artist pick a better influence? I say no. Moon’s songs carry themselves a lot like Elvrum’s but even more so Mirah or Scout Niblett. The fact this record is coming out of Brooklyn and not Anacortes is a miracle considering how natural and organic the recordings are. I’ve been enjoying this album all week. It makes for beautiful summer night music. Enjoy quietly.

Arguing With Everyone Vol. 5

Arguing Withe Everyone Vol. 5

Arguing With Everyone Volume Five

Geniferus – I Know
Tearjerker – Slip Away
Moon – The Fish, The Bird
Ghibli – Honest Effects
Teen Daze – Waves
Gobble Gobble – Boring Horror (Sundance Remix)
Cocaine Barbie – 5
Tech N9ne – Worldwide Choppers Ft. Yelawolf, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Ceza, JL B.Hood, Uso, D-Loc & Twisted Insane
MF Doom – Ballskin
Kimya Dawson & Aesop Rock – Delicate Cycle
Techromancer – Straight Flush
Sugarglider – Could’ve It Been Me? (Demo)
Oh No! Yoko – 90s Kids
Ketamines – Line by Line
Hooded Fang – Green River

53 minutes of ecstasy. There are songs for summer nights and summer days packed tightly in here. As always, I take no responsibility for anything the rappers say and I apologize if you are offended. I am offended almost every time I listen to rap. This mix is nuts though. I’ve been pumping it all week. Enjoy it, my friendliez.

Darlings – Warma EP

It’s sort of lame that you can only check three of these songs cause number four is the BEST. I’ve been playing this album on CJSR the last couple weeks and it’s pretty great. Being out of Brooklyn, NY, it is no wonder these Darlings can harness that hip hip sound of fun urbanite indie rock, whatever that means anymore. Definitely worth checking out. The girl/guy vocal combo will always be a winner, write it on yr mama.