Touch – Reject

Touch has long been one of my favorite rappers in this vast nation. I am not sure how Reject, which came out back in April, escaped the praise of this blog. Touch is without a question one of the banginest emcees to drop enough content for me to stay interested. Beyond that, his production and cuts are ridiculous. He’s been in the game for a lot longer than most of us and his swagger is still singularly his. He evolves from record to record but without any recognizable outter influence. His own direction seems to me to be entirely self created. If you’re digging this most recent record, check out his other shit, especially the massive record Touch dropped with the venerable DJ Nato back in ’07, The Representatives in Intelligent Design. Both Touch and Nato are playing tonight in an all-star Edmonton rap line up that includes Kazmega, Corvid Lorax, and The Liberators. It’s going down at Wunderbar, it’s only 5 bucks, and it’ll be punctual, don’t worry. 9pm. Here’s the facebook event.

DJ Cosm – Time and Space

In what may be the best hip hop record to come out of Alberta this year, DJ Cosm finally drops his long awaited solo piece. This sixteen track album is stracked with dozens of incredible emcees tearing up Cosm’s 94′ golden era vibes and back-in-the-day turntablism. He’s got the old Dragon Fli Empire homie Teekay on two jams. Other than that we’ve got two jams with Boston’s Insight (one of my all time favorite rappers), the previously blogged about swagger master Rasul Syed, rap legends Craig G and Prince Po, Oakland’s Raashan Ahmad, and Canadian mainstays like Moka Only, Touch, Ghettosocks, and Calgary homies Cam the Wizard and KLH Ali. Edmonton’s producer DJ extrordinaire DJ Nato also holds it down on “Learn From Mistakes” with Insight. Qwazaar tears up one of Cosm’s smoothest beats on “Better World.” The highlight jam is without question Kazmega’s collaboration, “Cosm Mega,” which was released as the single about a year ago and received lots of loving argument on this blog. It remains the jam to beat. Every single line is a gut buster and the vibration is so 88 it makes me puke neon. “Dragon Punch my way through life / the new floor is the old ceiling!” DOES IT GET BETTER THAN THAT?