Catgut – Fightpicker

Oscillating between graceful decay and accelerating self-destruction, Fightpicker is a runaway train through dreams of garage rock vigor. Phil Holtby’s songs explore topics of youth through the figment like nature of reality. He treats the fret board with the respect of an undiscovered landscape, leaving no corner unscoured. The grunge punk passion of their live show is captured as best as possible here but it would be near impossible to fully realize the furious nature of this hurricane onto record. However, the real charm of the whole dramatic exchange is not this fury, it is the romantic and poetic nature of the sum total—not furious for fury’s sake, but rather inflamed with a true and formidable existential angst all too often knowingly or unknowingly lampooned by lesser bands of lesser ability. Take a deep breath:

***Catch them in Calgary tonight or in Vancouver on the 7th or 8th.