Born Gold – Lawn Knives (Video)

Yesterday a new form of ammunition was inserted into the zeitgeist canon of our generation. Born Gold (Formally the incantation friendly Gobble Gobble) released, via TEAM INTERNET, the first official Born Gold music video. Enjoy an incorporeal seizure on behalf of the geniuses behind this subliminal masterpiece.

Tomorrow, Nov 3rd, Edmonton becomes imbued with the wettest day dream anyone will ever have as Born Gold arrive fresh off another leg of their colossal infinitour. The transient cacophony comes to the Artery tomorrow @ 8:00 equipped with the ghostly MPD feind Kuhrye-oo  and the Boreal Folk songstress Jessica Jalbert  fresh off her LP release of “Brother Loyola” last weekend. This night, presented by Moguls Weird Canada & Old Ugly is absolutely certain to cause booty shaking and quivering introspection. A combination that will surely bring the best out of us all.

If you haven’t picked up Born Golds new record, you can download it here, or If your just passin’ through stream it, love it, buy it, and scream it right here.

Arguing With Everyone Vol. 5

Arguing Withe Everyone Vol. 5

Arguing With Everyone Volume Five

Geniferus – I Know
Tearjerker – Slip Away
Moon – The Fish, The Bird
Ghibli – Honest Effects
Teen Daze – Waves
Gobble Gobble – Boring Horror (Sundance Remix)
Cocaine Barbie – 5
Tech N9ne – Worldwide Choppers Ft. Yelawolf, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Ceza, JL B.Hood, Uso, D-Loc & Twisted Insane
MF Doom – Ballskin
Kimya Dawson & Aesop Rock – Delicate Cycle
Techromancer – Straight Flush
Sugarglider – Could’ve It Been Me? (Demo)
Oh No! Yoko – 90s Kids
Ketamines – Line by Line
Hooded Fang – Green River

53 minutes of ecstasy. There are songs for summer nights and summer days packed tightly in here. As always, I take no responsibility for anything the rappers say and I apologize if you are offended. I am offended almost every time I listen to rap. This mix is nuts though. I’ve been pumping it all week. Enjoy it, my friendliez.

Hands Together Vol 1 – Home & Abroad

The industrious Rob Ross, formerly of Edmonton and now residing in London, Ontario, has done the logical and virtuous thing and started a much needed bedroom label for Canada’s healthy but perpetually suckling hotbed of electronic music. (HE’S BUILDING A DIVING BOARD! HE’S BUILDING A DIVING BOARD!) Mr. Ross has aptly titled this newborn star HANDS and it is a name you will become very familiar with if you are among the handsome and super hip congregation that read this blog regularly. The launch of the label has been wisely accompanied by a shimmering mix that includes masthead members of the label such as Flora, itsagamble!, Miramichi, Eaux Neaux, and many more as well as close cousins and longtime compatriots like Gobble Gobble, Kuhrye-oo, and Purity Ring. I am not sure which camp Headaches is in but I am eager to find out. I could confidently call this mix the definitive electronic compilation for the current canadian underground. Not having it on your hard drive would be sort of stupid.

Noise Level (London, ON)

Kuhrye-oo (Edmonton AB)

Kid Years (Hamilton ON)

Miramichi (Hamilton, ON)

VGA Forest (…)

Purity Ring (Edmonton, AB)

Eaux Neaux (London, ON)

Flora (London, ON)

Cailen and Catesh (London, ON)

Cailen Dye –

Richard Catesh –

itsagamble! (London, ON)

Gobble Gobble (Edmonton, AB)

Doom Tickler (Toronto, ON)

Thesis Sahib (London, ON)

JFM (Toronto, ON) -1

Indigenous Nudes (London, ON)

Ghibli (Edmonton, AB)

Headaches (Toronto, ON)

Edmontonia – Volume One

There’s a new compilation thing called Edmontonia which describes itself as “The first of a new monthly ten jam compilation featuring Edmonton talent. These little compilations are for everyone but they are mainly curated from the perspective of introducing the world outside Edmonton to the exhaustive wealth hiding within it.” It’s got some exclusive new material and relatively new material from Edmonton’s own Service:Fair, Doug Hoyer, Sans Aids, The Provincial Archive, and many more. It’s a pretty generous swath of Edmonton’s scene. Of course anything with only ten slots is going to have numerous and glaring omissions but this is obviously just a sampler. Can’t wait to see what’s on there next month. Cop the free download and tell you’re friendos!

Kuhrye-oo – Soul Handsome

I watched Calvin Mcelroy AKA Kuhrye-oo perform three times in the span of a week and it only ever got better. Those three sets were exactly what live music is all about, transcendence. And so it’s been no secret that I’ve been patiently biting my lips, kneading my hands, waiting for the next Kuhrye-oo track to drop. Soul Handsome is here and it does not disappoint. Arguably his best work yet, this jam so tastefully combines a well balanced variety of textures. I feel as though I am enjoying a full course meal, being taken on a cosmic journey through the taste buds of the ears. Sweet, savory, sour, bitter, salty, a shimmering cornucopia of auditory harvest is splayed here for you in combinations of washes and bullet holes, glitches and unglitches, deep caves and vast expanses. Bon Appetit!

“oh he’s so handsome”

And when you’re done with that, check out this R. Kelly cover he did! CLICK HERE MAN