K. Stebner – K. Stebner’s Cold Water

Kevin Stebner is a Calgary mover and shaker who has been active in several scenes. You may recognize him as lead man of the passionate and very loud Stalwart Sons or perhaps you remember him as 8-bit virtuoso Greyscreen. In this new incarnation K. Stebner’s Cold Water is the rambling gruff back hand of a haggard folk pilot. Stebner has also released a book of poetry in months past and that reflects here as well. His lyrics play off the music in a sombre give and take (see “Cave Not In”) and thus seem to revel in their own individual weight.

You can see Stebner play tonight at Wunderbar with Sean Nicholas Savage (Montreal), Dave Smith (Toronto), and Edmonton’s own Smokey. Don’t miss this, it’s a dream team!

Bitter Fictions – The First Book Of Electicity

Devin Friesen, previously familiar to me as Kevin Stebner’s roomate and an all around cool dude, is now familiar to me as the guitar peddle picasso that is Bitter Fictions. The First Book Of Electricity is a sunglassed dichotomy of mental guitar noises seesawed by New York City leather jacket 90’s pop. For those of you with a short wick for noise, skip ahead to “In Absence” and “Slip Away” and dig into the deep seated spirit of invention that surely lead Bitter Fictions to title it’s debut as it did. “Slip Away”, in particular, has a marvelous taxi cab home affect that could easily place itself in a Sophia Coppola film.