Happy Trendy – Die Young

Edmonton’s Happy Trendy has made significant waves since he started making jams as Kumon Plaza early in 2010. A jam from his first ever release had gotten him onto pitchfork and since then he has been tirelessly wittling his way to the core of his sound. The change of name late last year brought his vocals with it and it has proved fortuitous. His brand new EP, Die Young, sees him touring Europe and a touch of Canada with American kinfolk, Foxes In Fiction. Seeing as he turns 18 on his flight home from Europe, we can only assume that this is still the beginning for Dylan Khotin-Foote. Expect to be seeing him around a lot more often now that he is a legal contender for headlining shows in watering holes across our desperately cold metro. Until the 13th, let’s enjoy the rich textures of his very simulaneously colourful and deadpan Die Young, conveying all the emotion the title implicates and more.

Kumon Plaza – Riverspot

A white bearded man in a river boat with his two dogs. A Painting.A purposeful, contemplative sunrise track. The theme song for a spellcasting super nintendo princess/love-interest.

Kumon Plaza (Edmonton) wields his keyboard and 707 combo as skillfully as ever with this pretty little piece, setting fire to our imaginations as usual.

Daydream away.

Happy Trendy – Losing It (Video)

Happy Trendy – Losing It from Caseytography on Vimeo.

It isn’t often I post videos on Argue Job, but this one is close to home. My good friend and sorta label mate Dylan Khotin-Foote aka Happy Trendy nee Kumon Plaza just toured the coast of California with some killer bands and I this gorgeously cut time capsule of a music video was filmed while he was down there, playing LA on this night I do believe. The video really highlights the nuances and carefully dialed melodic colour, so to speak, of Dylan’s sedated songwriting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Get your hands on his music by clicking here.

Happy Trendy – Nerves 7″

Dylan Khotin-Foote continues to advance the cause with his Happy Trendy project. Channeling an even calmer vibe than Old Friends, the Nerves 7″ indicates a direction more and more redolent of b. fleischmann working with an xx inspired guitar tone. I am a personal fan of “Losing It”, the b-side. I wish he’d applied the same guitar fusion into Nerves as well. It’s a gorgeous combination. The best thing about this new release is that it’s the first Happy Trendy drop to not remind me of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, which is not a bad thing to be reminded of, but it does sound as though Mr. Foote is now carving himself his own personal sound to hunker down in, a safe place from where he can create a record worth shrink wrapping and barcoding. Enough of this online-only bizzz, you feel me? This stuff gets me excited for the FUTURE! Happy Trendy is doing it.

Happy Trendy – Old Friends

Happy Trendy is the new project from Kumon Plaza’s Dylan Khotin-Foote. The growth here is unmistakable. The beats are more refined, more subtle, and more lulling than his previous output had been. The major addition, of course, is Dylan’s decision to hop on the mic. And he comes out swinging with an 8 track album stacked with thought provoking lyrics. I also appreciate the hefty measure of sincerity present in these compositions. They are not unlike Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, though, thankfully, they are a little less painfully disenfranchised than Owen Ashworth’s content. The tracks to look for are “Old Friends” and “Where Are Your Synths”. I’m excited to see what Dylan does next.