Thin Gaze – ___

I can swear this is Chris Blackmore (Likewise Vultures, Hills Like White Elephants). If I am right and I just stumbled into this on bandcamp tag Canada, I am the luckiest. There would be no words. One of my favourite song experimenters. DON’T SLEEP:

Likewise Vultures – Age/Picasso Teeth 7″

The status of “Age” as a modern masterpiece of lyrical and musical composition has been well documented by our blog’s founding father when it first appeared on the internet’s ethersphere some months ago. And, of course, the actual 7″ giving this twin release its name, hotly anticipated from Vancouver’s National Archive of Records, has yet to appear in the physical world. And yet, I cannot restrain myself in posting this inaugural exhortation of delight in regards to “Picasso Teeth.” Having heard this track in its mid-way point between composition and finished product, it tickles my earlobes to recall the otherworldly bellowing of the opening bass horns, the dreamlike tinkling of synth-marimba, or whatever the hell I’m listening to. Though I happen to know that the composer was influenced by Ryuichi Sakamoto, the metronomic tempo and the warped-voice accompaniment conjures in my mind the glass hallway images of Walter Murch’s cult 1985 nightmare-adventure Return to Oz. As always, Likewise Vultures proves that he is one of the few remaining musicians who can still use his powers for shaman-like purposes, conjuring images and sensations reaching well into the dreamscape and fixing it for us in one place. Keep your eyes peeled for this wax.

Arguing With Everyone Vol. 1

Arguing With Everyone Vol. 1

Arguing With Everyone Volume One
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1. K.C. Accidental – Something For Chicago
2. Likewise Vultures – Age
3. Antony & The Johnsons – The Great White Ocean
4. Gigas – Too Late Now
5. Destroyer – Song For America
6. Cityscape – Young Albertan
7. Frank Ocean – Novacane
8. Action Bronson – Back 2 the Future
9. Fergus & Geronimo – Wanna Know What I Would Do?
10. The Two Koreas – Scared Straight
11. Two Bicycles – Run
12. Boreal Sons – Through Ivory Teeth
13. Liam Trimble – 18th Floor
14. Daniel Martin Moore – In the Cool of the Day (Album)
15. DoT – Whatever You Got

I apologize now for anything Frank Ocean or Action Bronson might say.
…..Good Music…..

<3 Joe

Likewise Vultures – Age

Without a shade of a doubt, I’ve listened to this song at least 100 times in the last two weeks since I discovered it’s existence on Chris Blackmore’s bandcamp page. “Age” will be the B-side to a 7″ coming later this year. It is arguably Likewise Vultures’ best work to date, a slow and sinking anchor of human reasoning and the affect of life lived and an egalitarian view of death and its finality, crooned so very darkly over twilight piano tinkerings that sound as though played while the pianist stared at himself in the mirror. “How long how long / till you tire of your own contradictions? / … / you use the people you hate / to fight the ones you love.” I’ve included the lyrics below. They are useful as a poem (or a diatribe), even without music. And they can also be useful to guide you calmly through the depths of this song’s bitter profundities.
And when the song is over, we’ll have to wait. We will patiently await more of the Likewise Vultures crooncore that is set to unfold over the next while. It is clear Chris Blackmore has found both a unique and palatable direction that will afford him all the success he chooses to appropriate from this industry grime.
Take this song and listen carefully.

i say
i say i find it intolerable
the idea we must live on
once our bones have safely gone
it’s the same sort of certainty that fuels
that worldly provincialism
timeworn men believe to have earned
but how long, how long
till you tire of your own contradiction
growing by the year
scoundrels and saints in the wreckage
all say
I had good intent
but I had good intent
but I had good intent
and I had reasons
locked away in the ways I was with you
youth’s heart like an airport
in truth I was an exquisite labyrinth of pain
drawn in self-loathing caricature
so will it be forty years of acting out
to find out
you use the people you hate
to fight the ones that you love