Tyler Butler – Live on CJSR

Tyler Butler has a new 5 song collection of live recordings on air at CJSR. We have here some new jams and some old favorites. The quiet husk of Tyler Butler’s voice cantillates on fertility, family, and fecundity. In Morana he sings “I want a wife who is stern and steady / forgives me everything / In the winter she’ll be swollen with child / and swing her hips in front of me.” Plover is a personal favourite for me. It is a love song of greater depth and dimension than so many others. “She’s in peril out on the water / but I’m a swimmer / just like her father was.” It’s Butler’s masterful submission of his guitar and his cohesive and concise poetry that draws the straight line of thought from beginning to end, creating the fortitude his music is known for.
Seeing Tyler Butler play can be a spiritual experience. His songs have a special gravity which I believe is owing to the quietude of his method. The hush he taps into creates a certain vacuum of sound and sanctifies the entire atmosphere with silence. Joining him on stage will be Andy Shauf, Two Bicycles, and Matthew Joel on Tuesday at WUNDERBAR. More information Here.