Nervous Talk – Introductions

This exists in a realm of perfect cool. I want to be at this show. This is the nervous talk introduction I needed. Get your rock licks with this rough and tumble seven from Mammoth Cave. It will restart your summer. Winter what?

Lab Coast – Walking on Ayr

Much like yesterday’s post, Lab Coast is a band from Calgary.. with a record out on Mammoth Cave.. and with Chris Dadge dadging! Ha! And this band is equally hype, but with a longer tenure and a stellar discography. These shoegaze pop masters are for fans of sugarcube era Yo La Tengo. They drift in and out of the body, sonically noodle with tasteful discretion, and make it sound way too easy. It really is like Walking on Ayr, whatever you want that to mean. Whatever’s the case, they have hit it again. All their records are outstanding and this one is a cut above. It’s a must for your 2013 catalogue: cop it. And catch them tonight at Wunderbar with Diamond Mind (Liam Trimble’s new project), and Savk!

Gold – Losing Your Hair

Gold are easily one of the most exciting bands in this bold, cold province where the gold is black and comes from the ground up—this gold isn’t much different. Discover back-bending twinkle pop jams bubbling with the crystalline voices of Kaelen Ohm and Rena Kozak, supported by Calgary stars Matt Swann (Extra Happy Ghost!!!, Astral Swans) and Chris Dadge (everything). These recordings come to us from the always stellar Mammoth Cave Recording Co., however their arrival is marked by mourning. I have allowed the band to explain in their own words (below). Copping this 7″ is a good idea. Support this five star outfit so you can tell your kids you were there from the start. Story:

“We started recording these songs in January 2012 with the intention of spending a couple of months demoing all of our material in preparation for a full length studio album. Our drummer, Chris Reimer, had brought over his beloved 4trk cassette deck, small mixer, and collection of microphones and we spent some days and nights together playing with gear. On February 19th 2012 Chris passed away unexpectedly in his sleep of a previously undiagnosed heart condition. This EP is an archive of the four songs we had completed with Chris on the drums and the console, and is dedicated with so much love to him and the inspiration he filled us with.”

Sorry – Mazes

Sorry are a Calgary outfit with that garage surf sound so indicative of Paul Lawton’s production style. Full of energy and most excellent vibrations, Mazes, is a healthy dose of summer jams to wash away the  lethargy. For supreme solar relaxation make your way directly to track seven, ‘Big Boys’.


Perhaps if Tom Petty were as good as Bruce Springstein and spent all his time listening to Jay Reatard he would sound like Needles//Pins. Under the fun fast paced finish of Needles//Pins lay gorgeous RnR hooks and a true sentiment that is sadly missing from many of their contemporaries and counter parts who’s lyrics betray just how much this whole practice is a deliberate study in fucking around. Needles//Pins throw out the bathwater. Under the delightful layers of heart racing skate rock hides a yoke of emotional consistency. These guys are most certainly the band to watch. They’re coming back to Edmonton on June 7th with The Mandates from Calgary and our own Energetic Action. It’s at Wunderbar (of course). DON’T MISS IT.