mini50 records – and you will always be songs

mini50 records has offered up an all too brief triumvirate of Chris Tenz produced folk noir, penned by himself and two other Calgarians, Nicolas Field and Joel Learoyd. These delicate yarns will have you cycling through them over and over again, uncovering layer after layer of sonic intricacy.

Chris Tenz – Frozen Arms

Chris Tenz, of Calgary, Alberta, has been on the beauty grind for some time now. His first record was called Forlorn Memories on Soft Phase out of Norway. I found it while I was trolling bandcamp and fell deep in love. Now Chris Tenz has made a highly guitar focused album for Scotland based label, mini50 records. This naval gazing parade through realms of heart and soul has been a joyous soundtrack for my last couple weeks. I strongly recommend it to all of you faithful readers of Argue Job. If you would like to witness the wonder live an in person, Chris Tenz is playing alongside the also breath taking Fieldhead, of Leeds, Britain and Edmonton’s own seasoned electronic experimentalists Phil Dickau and Ghibli.The show is at 9pm at Wunderbar. Only $5. Don’t miss it!