Kaytranada – Kaytra Todo

Kaytra Todo is for all you secret producers out there who need some inspiration. Kaytranada does a little bit of everything, a lot of side chained give and go’s, a lot of that atmosphere for your next cooling party. DJ’s are directed to “Club Bang” at their earliest convenience, reined in enough to subdue the crunk, crunk enough to spark that high-fashion tone that fills the air with champagne ethers. Don’t sleep on this one. He’s gearing to blow up any day now.

Mold Boy – S/T

This is happening. Despondant riddims, cheap cigs, dirty denim. Reminds me a lot of edmonton ~2009 and the early makeout videotape (and co.) stuff (cf. “brian“). I’m really feeling “Fidelio.”

Slight – Melodion

Slight, a four-piece from Montreal, wed developed textures, keen pacing, and the acute curation of tools at their disposal to create music that is capable and without affectation. After an initial listen, three-track Melodion discloses a consciously crafted, unifying aesthetic highlighted by intelligent arrangements, embraced simplicity, and tonal cognizance. Check ’em out!

Ollie North – Bringer EP

There are some musicians who fear a world of beyond a simple six-string guitar, and on the other hand, there are some musicians who are seduced by the idea of full bands and the subsequent space filling sounds. But there are some some musicians who find the unique balance in between – relying on creative methods to create a simple space filling sound.

Ollie North is one of these musicians. His newest recording, Bringer EP, is a complex and captivating mosaic of sound. The title track, “Bringer”, drones over short riffs and clever vocals. The final track, “Nearerness” builds itself up through an emotion exploration of loops and words. North is a true master of layering simple sounds and creating an addictive harmony out of a cacophony of creativity — his short EP is sure to leave his sound echoing in your mind in away you can’t articulate outside of your own imagination.

Dear Sister – S/T

The spontaneity of a family singalong: a living room, a piano, a guitar, a banjo. Comfortable voices fit together in fluent and familiar harmonies. These songs have an aura of tradition: I feel as though I already know the words.

Despite the familial project name, it is the magnetism of talent that assembled the record’s three person roster. Producer and musician Aaron Comeau is an anchoring force, the common denominator in Toronto’s emerging country/folk scene. The voices of Raven Shields and Montreal’s Bri Salmena weave so well together, almost indistinguishable. Will these three come together again? Is there an open line of collaboration between their municipalities: letters begun “Dear Sister,”? Or will we look back on this as one of the great fleeting moments of folk collaboration: Daniel, Fred and Julie gathered and gone.