Arguing With Everyone Vol. 4

Arguing With Everyone Volume Four

1. Martyrs – Sunset, Sunset
2. Bankrobber – The End
3. Heart Failure Research Unit – Has The World Gone Mad?
4. Mazes – Till I’m Dead
5. The Best Friends with Wolves Club – I Want to Know What the Wind Blows Like
6. Mahjongg – Aluminum
7. Big White Clouds – Afraid of the Dark
8. Sans AIDS – Haters Hating
9. Ben Everyman – Ladeda
11. Gowns – Cherylee
12. New Orleans Swim Team – Security Windows
13. Enablers – New Moon
14. Hauschka – Ping
15. Martin Fireseed – Catch
16. Philip Dickau – A Candle
17. Headaches – i wasn’t born yesterday
18. Michael Cashmore – The Snow Abides
19. Jean Sablon – Je Tire Ma Révérence

It looks long but it’s only 63 minutes. The best 63 minutes of yr LIFE!
No rap, no apologiez, ha.

New Orleans Swim Team – Sitting On Fences

I’ve been listening to this album for the last few days, which is fitting since it is international poetry week, and though direly dramatic, the poetry is excellent, the performance genuine, and the instrumentation constantly interesting. I strongly recommend this as travelling, walking, bus riding music. I’m hoping to get in touch with whoever is making these tunes and put on a show sometime so keep your eyes peeled for that!