The Mouthbreathers – Stone Soup

The Mouthbreathers - Stone SoupAnother exciting drop from Sackville NB’s Mouthbreathers. “Standards” is without a doubt their best song yet. This new four song EP will hold us over nicely till the next full length. It’s coool with an extra o, it’s full of good reminders, it’s another breath of fresh mouth air from one of Canada’s best up and coming garage bands. Peace out.

The Mouthbreathers – Appetite for Deconstruction

The Mouthbreathers are from Sackville, NB. That’s already the coolest thing. Combine that with their Moldy Peaches meets Shotgun Jimmie stylings and you have a recipe for immeasurable pleasure.
If anything, this album will have you saying “I know exactly how that is.” Best executed despondant college angst album I’ve heard in a dog’s age in light years.

Handsome Dan & His Gallimaufry – The Best There Was

With an album that purportedly starts with a tribute to Brett the Hitman Hart, you can expect Handsome Dan to have a unique take on folk rock. His Gallimaufry hail from London but recorded this record in Sackville, which was an immediate flag that it would contain some element of folk genius. Handsome Dan does not lower the curve at all: Underlying themes of isolation are well embedded in a solid sense of the poetic that elaborates rather than obscures his aphorisms. When and if this Gallimaufry is coming to Edmonton is unknown but should they plan on it and should they read this they can contact us and we will help it happen. Have a listen!

Bolivia – S/T

Bolivia comes out of the great canadiana epicenter of Mount Allison University. The Sackville based pentad recently released their self titled EP, however dating these hymns seems impossible. The ageless harmonies echo old Appalachian hymns sung over fields of wet gunpowder, mourning a temporal season, feeding the earth. Capturing these hymns is surely a gift, one shared with some joyful egalitarian whim, of which I am sure, or at least hope,  becomes rooted deep in the happiness of all who hear. I hope come semesters end they’ll be bringing their airy hymns to the west, ’till then ship 5$ here.

Pat LePoidevin – Highway Houses

Pat LePoidevin is a Sackville, New Brunswick practitioner of handsome folk music. Everyone who knows about Canadian Folk Music knows that Sackville is thee place to be from. The place is inspiration enough for festivals like Sappy and artists like Daniel Romano, Julie Doiron, Shotgun Jimmie, and Fred Squire. And so Pat LePoidevin is in rich company. His opening track, North, is a great introduction to the blissfully rural vibrations that have been harnessed without muting the most urbane of tastemaker inventiveness that Sackville seems to tightrope walk with all of her respected artists. From North these guitar built songs become more and more desperate, LePoidevin’s own voice being the most fitting conduit for austerity, a delightfully pitchy caterwaul that chokes the inherent sunshine out of his guitar writing. He’s an artist Sackville can be proud to add to her rich legacy.
Pat LePoidevin is playing at the Artery this evening with Doug Hoyer and Jom Comyn & The Mandemic. You can get more information here.