Cousins – Secret Weapon/ Speech

Ahh, Cousins. I don’t really like cousins, that is the kind that you see at family get togethers. They bugged you growing up; the younger ones got you into trouble (after you whipped their ass), the older ones just whipped your ass. A blind eye was cast upon uncle Michaels basement where we always seemed to dwell; it still is, but nowadays the fighting has stopped (sort of). The younger ones talk about birth control while the older ones talk about golf or star trek. I might talk about how the broccoli rice casserole is as good as usual; later I might mention that I ate too much. I might (but probably not, but for the sake of this post) get asked about what I’m doing these days musically, and If cousin and I get deep enough into the conversation, I might tell them that not too long ago this spring, I went on a micro-tour in eastern Canada with a (unnamed) band, and that I shared the bill with Haligonian 2-piece (I’ve also seen as a singlet, and heard of as a 3) Cousins on all (2) dates of said micro-tour!

Cousins play their own brand of stripped down neuvo rock & roll. Immediately drivin by big, haunting guitars that only ever seem to touch a few chords, paired with a pair of drum kits (one of the kits is actually just a kick drum played by frontman Aaron Mangle); driven more so by odd yet memorable vocal melodies. This new single from fits the mould, and is no far cry from the material they have been putting out as of late. This, is the ticket!

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