Renny Wilson – “Sugarglider”

Renny Wilson - SugargliderThe album we have all waited so anxiously for. It is here, in all its step-to-this splendour, resounding like a choir of post-disco angels. A bottomless depth of harmony seems to permeate this entire record. A Lyellian stratigraphic analysis of the innumerable layers of recordings would surely prove futile. “Sugarglider” is much slicker than the original recordings under the nom de guerre, Sugarglider. Not that the wax of the older recordings was at all undesirable. These recordings just have way more shine, sliding across the dance floor without a single sliver. This gem was originally on Old Ugly but it’s being re-released by Mint Records in the fall. We’ll probably do another, more thorough review then!

OLD UGLY Recording Co. – Another OLD UGLY Christmas

OLD UGLY has rallied its forces along with the forces of a dozen of their extended family to create a record ripe with mistletoe opportunities and rummy eggnog swoons! With looks from the folk adaptation, the slow dance, the neo groove, the 93 til infinitized rhymez, the clamorous, and even rockabilly, this record shuffles through twelve days of christmas and throws in boxing day for good measure. The record is a free download and should make for excellent christmas party music or background sound for crafting, etc etc etc. Apply liberally.

Sugarglider – Nobody

OLD UGLY’s Sugarglider strikes again with another airborne phantasia of bubble gum bass and drop top harmonies. Nobody is particularly funky in comparison to the other demos he’s been slowly dropping on the world over the last year or so. And the wanking guitar line plays off the bass like a wink reflected in a fist full of gold rings. DIG IT.

Edmontonia – Volume 3

You want Edmonton? Bang, you got it. The new Edmontonia compilation (III) is fully fleshed out. From dense electronica (Kuhrye-oo, Ghibli) to punk in spirit (Old Wives, Fire Next Time, Book of Caverns, Audio/Rocketry) to pure pop (Sugarglider, The Group Sounds, Bird Sang Song) to adventurous hip hop (Kazmega), this comp has it ALL. Dig in.



Arguing With Everyone Vol. 6

Arguing With Everyone Volume Six


1. The Antlers – I Don’t Want Love
2. Jessica Jalbert – Necromancy (Kuhrye-oo Remix)
3. Mount Eerie – Where Is My Tarp?
4. LAKE – Roger Miller
5. Sugarglider – Spell (Demo)
6. The Group Sound – Soul Cries Out
7. Gospels – Shallow Dive Final
8. Grimes – Crystal Ball
9. Extra Happy Ghost!!! – So at One
10. The Fight – Electric Avenue
11. Minks – Out of Tune
12. TAIWAN – A06
13. Miracle Fortress – Everything Works
14. Crooked Mouth – Ghost Notes
15. Open Mike Eagle – Why Pianos Break (feat. P.O.S.)
16. Big K.R.I.T. – Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Ecouraging Racism

This mix is excellent. Get it on. I apologize for anything the rappers on the last two jams might say.