Paper Beat Scissors – S/T

The debut full length from the Haligonian Englander Tim Crabtree aka Paper Beat Scissors could be compared to watching a sweater unravel in reverse. Crabtree’s plucking and picking abilities begin to feel like individual stitches, putting together this warm garment of song. The allegory is a good one. His lyrics are densely poetic, imbued with life by his voice which on most songs grows from the soft and bemoaned to the tightly tuned caterwaul he is best known for. Building on the strength of his Flicker EP, his self titled debut is another excellent step forward. Pick up the 12″ and spin it while you knit.

Paper Beat Scissors – Flicker

What a glorious discovery this record was for me. The luscious composition of Paper Beat Scissors’ Flicker tugs at the soul like an anchor. Song writer, Tim Crabtree, has an expert approach to his recordings, balancing their fragility with the taut string arrangements and the swallowed vocals that pour forth as though constantly being choked back. I strongly recommend this record to fans of forward thinking folk music. Paper Beat Scissors is playing in Edmonton tonight with Saskatoon’s electronic talent, Zombifyus, and Edmonton’s own Ghost Cousin. The show is at Wunderbar at 8pm, only 5 bonez. The information is available here. Perhaps I will see you there. Happy Labour Day, my scuzzy Proletariat brethren!