Jesse & the Dandelions – Time and Space and Everything In Between

The new EP from Lethbridge’s Jesse & the Dandelions is thick with the kind of college radio hits you would expect to hear at the turn of the millenium. Each track is a solid gem purloined from the sonic loins of forefathers like John K. Samson, David Bazan, and Ben Gibbard. Time and Space and Everything In Between gets better and better as it glides on, culminating in the slow cooker ‘Stealing Moonbeams’ and the irresistible hook of closer ‘The Fire’. Come soak in the dandelion hue of Northey’s heart throbbers tonight at the Elevation Room with Jessica Jalbert and Doug Hoyer. Jesse & the Dandelions were on the Swig of Alberta tour last winter and, seeing them play three nights in a row, I can testify to to just how much their live show grows on a listener. Enjoy: