The Betrayers – The Betrayers

Travis Sargent, Ol’ Salty, the dude from the Empress, unofficial title holder of “Handsomest Man in Edmonton”; his identity is as ethereal as Zorro. Here, the stranger adds one more moniker to the list: The Betrayers. A collection of bedroom recordings from over the months (years?), this debut collection features simple old-tyme surfabilly guitar jangles accompanied by simple driving drum beats, melodic bass, and–with help from local rapscallion Rashell Campbell–that time-honoured double vocal effect that makes everything sound way cooler. Off the top of my head, this hearkens back to some of Jesus and Mary Chain’s chiller moments, which happen to be my favourite moments of theirs. A welcome addition, I’d say, to our bustling, disconnected, ever growing, ever moving, gluttonous, happy family here in the Edmonton music scene. Who is that masked man?