OLD UGLY Recording Co. – Another OLD UGLY Christmas

OLD UGLY has rallied its forces along with the forces of a dozen of their extended family to create a record ripe with mistletoe opportunities and rummy eggnog swoons! With looks from the folk adaptation, the slow dance, the neo groove, the 93 til infinitized rhymez, the clamorous, and even rockabilly, this record shuffles through twelve days of christmas and throws in boxing day for good measure. The record is a free download and should make for excellent christmas party music or background sound for crafting, etc etc etc. Apply liberally.

Tyler Butler – Winter King

When I listen to Tyler Butler, his voice always reminds me of a tree being hollowed out. His new record, Winter King, maintains this same paradoxically natural and fantastic element but to an even greater extent as his lyrical prowess seems only to have intensified since his last full length release, the somnolent Feral Horse. The poetry of the songs themselves is strong enough to stand without music. Songs like Sparrow, Morana, and Plover, cantillating some of the most distilled and maturely affected love poetry I have enjoyed in quite some time.
Tonight Tyler Butler launches this quiet pensive record into the white water rapids of civilization hoping it will float above the white noise like a wayward leaf. Join him and Saskatoon’s Zachary Lucky alongside label mates Caity Fisher and DoT at WUNDERBAR at 8:00pm tonight and grab a CD and one of the limited poetry zines he has compiled for the event. More information here.

Arguing With Everyone Vol. 3

Arguing With Everyone Vol. 3
Arguing With Everyone Volume Three

1. Sparrow by Tyler Butler
2. How’s Everyone by T H O M A S
3. Belong by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
4. Bull Elk by Royal Bangs
5. Give Up That Dog by Brazilian Money
6. Other Side by Family Portrait
7. Really Realize by Lab Coast
8. Only Fun by Slam Dunk
9. You’re The One by Silly Kissers
10. Long Time Girl by René Sugarglider Wilson
11. Lofticries by Purity Ring
12. Shroom Music by Quasimoto
13. Roll Out by Rasul Syed
14. Unassisted by Rasco
15. Moon Shadow by The Pine Hill Haints
16. I Got Pretty Mad Today by Ben Corno
17. Runner Ups by Kurt Vile

I apologize now for anything Quasimoto, Rasul Syed, or Rasco might say.

Tyler Butler – Live on CJSR

Tyler Butler has a new 5 song collection of live recordings on air at CJSR. We have here some new jams and some old favorites. The quiet husk of Tyler Butler’s voice cantillates on fertility, family, and fecundity. In Morana he sings “I want a wife who is stern and steady / forgives me everything / In the winter she’ll be swollen with child / and swing her hips in front of me.” Plover is a personal favourite for me. It is a love song of greater depth and dimension than so many others. “She’s in peril out on the water / but I’m a swimmer / just like her father was.” It’s Butler’s masterful submission of his guitar and his cohesive and concise poetry that draws the straight line of thought from beginning to end, creating the fortitude his music is known for.
Seeing Tyler Butler play can be a spiritual experience. His songs have a special gravity which I believe is owing to the quietude of his method. The hush he taps into creates a certain vacuum of sound and sanctifies the entire atmosphere with silence. Joining him on stage will be Andy Shauf, Two Bicycles, and Matthew Joel on Tuesday at WUNDERBAR. More information Here.

Tyler Butler – Sparrow

Watching Tyler Butler play Sparrow last night at the Rutherford House was a spiritual experience. Sparrow is the last song from Waxwing, an EP he released earlier this year in anticipation of his forthcoming full length follow up to his beautiful Feral Horse album. As an aside, his performance of the title track from Feral Horse yesterday evening was another highlight of the evening for me. Dig into this fellow. For the faithful listener, his songs will increase in strength and candor with repetition. He’s an artist with a depth of treasure buried in his minimal elemental music.

I know someday we’ll have to kiss for the last time
and I hope that it feels like this.
And someday I’ll have to think about that
but I can’t think about anything
when you’re in my kitchen making coffee,
my shirt draped over your body
like a bird that came in my open window,
flew in circles around my living-room.

Know someday we’ll have to kiss for the last time
and I hope that it feels like this.