woolworm – Heathen Too

Imagine yourself treading water in a Bermuda triangle of Guided by Voices, Joanna Gruesome and the Pains of Being Pure At Heart. That’s where you’ll find Woolworm, beloved Vancouver pop-shoegaze-punk-hardcore-whatever stalwarts. You swim over as they begin playing “Heathen Too”, the first tune off their latest split with Grown-Ups. You wonder how such frenetic drumming and spirited hooks, played with such reckless abandon, would be of any use in such an absurd situation. Then they turn to you and croon “I would never run from you / honey, I’m a heathen, too.” Suddenly, nothing matters — you’re in this together. You lay back, let the bitter ocean wash over you, and all you want is to listen to Woolworm play forever. 

Woolworm – No Caps

Get ready to be knocked right over. Honest, rending, furious and yet contained. Woolworm are a shot from the past. They are a greyhound ride to San Franscisco, a book not easily opened, a lonely drive home. It is unfortunate how difficult it is to find bands doing this type of music these days. Woolworm have a powerful simplicity that is enhanced by an emotional clarity that taps right in from the first. Come see them at Wunderbar on July 28th. Can’t wait.